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Mother Toddler Brief Plan

Parent and toddler groups are normally for parents upto 1.5 years. It provides an opportunity for parents and their young children to spend time together in the company of others.

Each session lasts for approximately one hour, promoting children’s early learning through a variety of fun play opportunities such as story telling, sing–a-song, or craft session. Most groups have a baby corner for new mums to make friends and enjoy a coffee.

Mother Toddler Program at DPSG STARZ

The mother toddler programme will be scheduled for an hour, (mon $ thur) (11-12 pm)

The mother toddler program will begin with a series of nursery rhymes sung with actions, Expressions and use of puppets which will lead to language development, followed by which their will be an activity of free play where the child explores and tries to use his creativity skills to make utmost use of objects kept infront of him (parachute, tents, tunnels, hoola hoop, balls, scarves) post which their sensory developemtn will be catered to with the activity of dry and wet sensory play, after which their will be a small activity of craft painting or simple cooking for tiny chefs to enhance their fine motor skills and creativity.

Towards the end of the class their will be music and movement and yoga for the toddlers and their parents leading to phyical and motor develpoment.

The class will be ended with sleeping bunnies where toddlers enact as if they are sleeping and perform the actions of what they are enacting leading to excellent role play from the very beginning.

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